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Doctors tout the
benefits of Poly-MVA


James W. Forsythe
M.D., H.M.D.

Board Certified Oncologist

One of the Doctors
Featured in Suzanne Somers' new Book, Knockout.

Poly-MVA: Quality of LIfe Study
Dr. Forsythe performed a Poly-MVA outcome-based investigation with 212 patients over a 2.5 year period on various (18 types) Stage IV Cancers , in which he observed a 56 % overall positive response rate. Dr. Forsythe found that Poly-MVA is a safe and highly effective supplement for palliative assistance in Stage IV cancer patients.

Burton Goldberg

Author & Editor of
18 books on
Alternative Medicine

One of the Researchers Featured in Suzanne Somers' new Book, Knockout.

Excerpt from "An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer"
"A major factor in the success of Poly-MVA has been to provide an electron energy transfer mechanism from normal metabolic hydrogen carriers to nucleic acids while at the same time protecting DNA and RNA [ribonucleic acid] as a result of the new reduced state it induces in the nucleotides."

Jeffrey Mueller M.D.

Director of Integrative Health Programs
"Poly MVA has become the foundation of our combined approach because of our experience using Poly MVA with stage III and IV cancers has been extremely promising. What we are seeing is a synergy between Poly MVA, advanced nutritional protocols, and conventional aproaches. We have seen patients go into full remission with aggressive, stage IV cancers that have metastasized, and we see continued positive responses in others with previously chemo-resistant cancers.The other benefit, that we have seen with this approach, is a significantly improved quality of life and a substantial reduction in the number and severity of side effects from chemo and radiation therapies."

Robert D. Milne, MD

Milne Medical Center in Las Vegas, Nevada
"Based on my father-in-law's excellent result and the results experienced by many others, I truly believe that Poly-MVA is worth trying by any person who has cancer."

David C. Korn, D.D.S.,
D.O., M.D.(H).

LongLife Medical Incorporated in Mesa, Arizona
“Not until I used Poly-MVA, did I believe and understand how remarkable and powerful it is. Everyone involved with Poly-MVA are genuine people trying to help others.”

Francis J. Antonawich Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Neurology-Stony Brook
"Poly MVA is a dietary supplement based on the success of Lipoic Acid Palladium (LAPd) complex. LAPd is a liquid crystal that works in our cells by transferring excess electrons (energy) from membrane fatty acids to DNA via the mitochondria. Therefore, by its structural nature and action as a redox shuttle, it can both quench radicals as well as provide energy to the mitochondria.




Welcome Physicians & Practitioners

Purpose of PHYSICIAN ONLY Website

Family and General Practitioners are the first point of contact & support for their patients and their family members prior to the official diagnosis of cancer.

Many of you have advised your patients and their families for generations. Therefore, the trust these patients have in you is based on years of interaction. However, when diagnosed with Cancer,
your patients are suddenly introduced to a stranger who will now serve as their Oncologist.

Irregardless of how efficient and supportive this NEW DOCTOR is, your patients will always come back to you for advice and questions. Why?
Because you will always be the one they trust first and foremost.

Based on these facts, we've created this DOCTORS ONLY website and our NEW Compensation Program with the intended purpose of providing each Practitioner a
"turn key" support system program that will minimize any additional workload while you advise your patients with their critical health decisions at such a crucial time in their lives.

At your request, we will provide each of you with FDA compliant Poly-MVA brochures to hand out to your Patients that will direct them and their Family Members to our new
INFORMATION ONLY Patient website.



.This website was specifically designed to address the potential benefits your Patients might receive by adding Poly-MVA as an adjunct to their Conventional Cancer Protocol. This site also reveals 5 NEW Clinical Studies supporting the use of Antioxidants (like Poly-MVA) during Chemo and Radiation treatments.


Our Goals

Our goals are simple.....

(1) First, to create Practitioner confidence in the benefits of Poly-MVA per Scientific Research and Quality of Life Studies as well as a myriad of anectdotal reports from Physicians that have personally witnessed the dramatic benefits Poly-MVA has provided each of their patients while undergoing Conventional Cancer treatments.

As each Practitioner knows, when your patients are first diagnosed with Cancer, they are terrified, not only of the cancer but also of the toxic side effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation. Based on the information provided on this website, we believe there is no greater assistance you can offer your patients than to recommend Poly-MVA as a palliative adjunct therapy to minimize hair loss, appetite suppression, fatique, nausea and the myriad of other side effects associated with Conventional Cancer Treatments.

(See Physician/Patient Feedback section)

(2) Second, once you have attained confidence in recommending Poly-MVA to your patients as an adjunct to their Conventional Treatment protocol, our focus is to provide each Practitioner and their staff a "turn key" compensation program that does not add to your already staggering day to day responsibilities and overhead.

Compensation Program

Doctors Account Created

Patient Inquiry & Product Purchase

AMARC Enterprises, Inc. takes order & ships product

Doctor receives monthly commission check

The Poly-MVA Referral/Affiliate Compensation Program eliminates the following day to day concerns:

• Eliminates the need for your staff to repeatedly order product.

• Eliminates the need to maintain product inventory in house.

• Frees office staff up to perform other tasks instead of selling product in the office.

• Eliminates monthly overhead costs associated with maintaining inventory.

• Program is focused on minimizing in house counseling performed by Practitioner.

• FDA compliant Poly-MVA literature makes no disease health claims.

• FDA compliant Poly-MVA literature will direct patients to Poly-MVA information websites and toll free numbers where they can ask further questions and receive ongoing qualified counseling for the duration of their cancer treatment.

• FDA compliant Poly-MVA literature and websites clearly state that Poly-MVA is being recommended by each Practitioner as an adjuvant in conjunction with Conventional Cancer protocols NOT as an alternative.

• Program tracks your patients monthly orders which results in a monthly compensation check based on commissions per units ordered.

• A private "Back Office" will be created for each participating Practitioner that will allow you to access your account to oversee day to day sales volume and activity via a personal "Username" and "Password".

(see Compensation Program section)

Exclusive Distributor of Poly-MVA

The Poly-MVA Pharmacy

Allow us to represent you and your practice as your personal Pharmacy.
Simply recommend Poly-MVA to your Patients, we will do the rest.

The website www.Polymva4Patients.com will educate your patients.....
then refer them to our Toll Free # so they can talk to our counselors and place their orders.

Exclusive Distributor of Poly-MVA


We will always be here Monday-Friday 9AM to 5PM PST
ready to provide technical & emotional support to each of your patients!

John Fox
"The people at AMARC have been incredible, passionate, and very knowledgable - without them I am sure I would not be working in the Fire Department today. They put their hearts in what they do and help save lives everyday! Thank you AMARC for all you do! "

Gary & Elma Thomas

"I am quite sure without Poly-MVA to support our bodies, neither my wife nor I would be here to tell you this story. Thank you, Poly-MVA, and to the wonderful AMARC staff - you have blessed our lives."

Michael Muscari

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You all are our heroes! Gary, Dr. Llamas, Al Jr, Linda and all of the terrific people at AMARC are heroes and living angels in our lives."

Bernie Kanter

"Thank you to AMARC for having an excellent product, and for being available to us.”


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